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For the record ...

Don Helbig

Area Manager, Digital Marketing - Kings Island

Roller coaster aficionados who visit Kings Island have 9.2 miles of thrills awaiting them. That’s how far they can travel by riding each of the park’s 16 roller coasters, including each side of The Racer.

To be specific, listed below are the lengths of each of Kings Island’s roller coasters:

  • The Beast 7,359 feet
  • The Racer 6,830 feet (3,415 feet each side)
  • Diamondback 5,282 feet
  • Banshee 4,124 feet
  • The Vortex 3,800
  • Firehawk 3,340 feet
  • Mystic Timbers 3,265 feet
  • Adventure Express 2,963 feet
  • Flight of Fear 2,705 feet
  • The Bat 2,352 feet
  • Invertigo 1,970 feet
  • Backlot Stunt Coaster 1,960 feet
  • Woodstock Express 1,350 feet
  • Flying Ace Aerial Chase 1,129 feet
  • Surf Dog 302 feet
  • The Great Pumpkin Coaster 199 feet

That adds up to 48,930 feet of track, or 9.2 miles of roller coaster excitement!

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Don Helbig

Area Manager, Digital Marketing - Kings Island

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Construction on Kings Mills Antique Autos moves forward in cold and snow

If you think the winter weather conditions – the kind of weather that brings traffic to a halt – has slowed down construction at Kings Island on the new Kings Mills Antique Autos, think again.
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International Street and Royal Fountain to get major offseason renovation

Kings Island’s International Street is set to receive its first complete makeover since the park opened in 1972. No element of the street will be left untouched as crews update the Royal Fountain, install more than 130,000 new pavers, improve each building façade and enhance the landscaping. The renovation will take guests back to what Kings Island looked like when the park first opened, allowing guests to discover the magic of International Street again.
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Kings Island site for PiviP preview event

ESK Presents is hosting the first-ever PiviP tournament and gaming conference at Kings Island on May 18. The combination of the Kings Island park experience and high-energy gaming will create a unique experience for the video game community and park guests, making it unlike any other video game event.
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Workmen paving the road for the Kings Mills Antique Autos

Construction is taking shape for the Kings Mills Antique Autos with workmen this week pouring concrete to make the quarter-mile track that will include parts of it running alongside the park’s iconic Racer roller coaster and through a covered bridge. The attraction, which opens this spring, will feature two-third scale replicas of the 1911 Ford Model T. The leisurely rail-guarded drive will last approximately three minutes.
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It's not too early to start planning for a summer job at Kings Island 

Kings Island is hosting a job fair Saturday, January 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to fill more than 5,000 seasonal positions for the 2019 season. The job fair will be held at the park in the Human Resources building. 
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New track part of Racer roller coaster's annual winter work

An incredible amount of care goes into the Racer each winter to keep the ride in peak operating condition. Annual work during the winter months may include replacing a number of the running rails made of flattened steel strips mounted on the wooden track, replacing support bents and ledgers, or sections of track. Some years one side of the ride may be in need of more extensive work than the other, such as this winter with the back turnaround on the north (blue trains) side retracked in December.
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Construction on new Kings Mills Antique Autos taking shape

What’s old will be new again at Kings Island in 2019, with the addition of the Kings Mills Antique Autos set to debut in the spring. Construction on the station for the attraction is taking shape and concrete has been poured for the track in the load and unload areas of the ride.
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After 48 years, Kings Island bids farewell to retiring Sam Hill

Nadora (Sam) Hill may not have been one of the most recognizable faces to Kings Island guests, but behind the scenes at the 364-acre amusement and water park, she's an icon to many of the full-time and seasonal staff members. Sam retired after 48 years of service to Kings Island on January 2.
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